Donald Trump impeachment for inciting insurrection.

Topic Abstract

Donald John Trump got alleged to provoke directly with insurrection riot to breach the entrance of the capitol on January 6th. This occurred just as a joint session of congress was ratifying the election of president Biden. The extraordinary step of a second impeachment, which charged Trump with incitement of insurrection, took place just days before Trump was set to leave the office. Only two other presidents have been impeached and none have been convicted. That turns Donald Trump the first president in US history to have received two impeachments during his charge. After the impeachment In the US Upper House, not enough votes were reached for the former president to be convicted of "incitement to insurrection" due to the events of January 6th in the Capitol. 57 congressmen (50 Democrats and 7 Republicans) voted to convict Trump, while 43 chose to acquit him. It took 67 votes (two-thirds of the Senate) to convict the former president.


The main focus of the debate in the US Senate will be focused on guiding with the main key five questions in the guideline while the recreation of an impeachment is in question. As well as deciding whether or not a punishment will have to recay on Donald Trump and make him guilty for the events held in the capitol and the direct “incitation of resurrection”, in order to reach consensus on the considerations they have with the decision of a conviction or an acquittal for Trump.

Background paper


David Schoen

     Lawyer of Trump

Bruce Castor, Jr

     Lawyer of Trump

Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez

     (Democrat - New York)

Ilhan Omar

     (Democrat - Minnesota) 

Thomas Jonathan Ossoff

     (Democrat - Georgia)

Kevin McArthy

     (Republican - California - House minority leader )

Nancy Pelosi 

     (Democrat - California - Speaker of the house) 

Joaquín Castro

     (Republican - Texas)

Mike Johnson

     (Republican - Louisiana - Vice Chair of the House Republican conference)

Steny Hoyer

    (Democrat - Maryland - Majority Leader ) 

Cori Bush

     (Republican - Missouri)

Liz Cheney

     (Republican - Wyoming) 


Donald Norcross

     (Democrat - New Jersey)

Steny Hoyer

     (Democrat - Maryland- House Majority leader)


Maria Elvira Salazar

     (Republican - Florida ) 


Andy Biggs

     (Democrat - Arizona)

Eleanor Holmes Northor

     (Democrat - District of Columbia) 

Buddy Carter

     (Republican - Georgia) 

Jack Bergman

     (Republican - Michigan)

Lucy McBath

     (Democrat - Georgia) 

Madeleine Dean

     (Democrat - Pennsylvania)

Barbara Lee

     (Democrat - California)

Gaetz Matt

     (Republican - Florida)

Brian Fitzpatrick

     (Republican - Pennsylvania) 

Ayanna Pressley

     (Democrat - Massachusetts)


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